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Registration 2017-2018

Registration will take place TUESDAY, August 8th from 8am-2pm in the Matheson Park Cafeteria.  


This year, all MPES students will receive breakfast AFTER the bell.  The first bell rings at 7:40am.  The tardy bell rings at 7:43am. Students will have breakfast in their classroom before beginning the school day.  There will be NO breakfast in the cafeteria.  Students should not be dropped off at school before 7:30am unless they are in Parks and Rec.  


The tardy bell will ring at 7:43am. If your child arrives after the 7:43 bell they will need to check in at the office and get a tardy pass to be admitted to class.


Children may be on campus no earlier than 7:30am, unless enrolled in Parks and Rec, and must be picked up or in Parks and Rec no later than 2:05.

News & Announcements



A Note From Mrs. North


Dear Parents:


My name is Jean North and I will be your student’s music teacher at Matheson Park Elementary from August to May.   I am excited about the opportunity to work with your student(s). I have a master’s degree in music education from UNM and I am a pianist at Sangre de Cristo Catholic Community. I am also a member of the National Orff-Schulwerk Association, an organization dedicated to teaching children music.


Your student’s class will have music once a week for 45 minutes. During this time, they will be learning how to sing, dance, read music and play instruments.  The music lessons will be based on the 2014 National Core Arts Standards-creating, performing, responding and connecting. Please feel free to come by and observe or participate at any time.  


As a parent, there are many ways you can encourage your child’s love of music and the arts.  One idea is to attend musical concerts or listen to a variety of music at home.  Have your student teach you songs they have learned in their music classes.  Reading storybooks that have musical characters or songs in them is also a great way to combine music with literacy.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at north@aps.edu or at school in the music portable.




Jean North


Jean North

APS Fine Arts Program




Grade level supply lists are below.  If you would like a paper copy of the list, please visit the office between 8am and 2pm. 







4-pink erasers

48-yellow#2 pencils

12-glue sticks

1-pair rounded tip-Fiskars scissors

2- box 24 count crayons

2-box washable markers

1-tray watercolors

3-box facial tissue

2-wide ruled spiral notebooks

(no college rule)

2-rolls paper towels

3-two pocket folders with pockets on bottom (plastic)

2-box colored pencils

8-dry erase markers

4-clorox wipes

1- box Ziploc bags(snack or sandwich)

1-box Ziploc bags(quart or gallon)

1-8x5 supply box

2-7oz bottles white glue


First Grade



4-skinny black dry erase marker

48-yellow pencils

2-pink erasers (large)

10-large glue sticks

1-box crayons 48 crayons

1-Fiskars scissors (metal)

3-large box facial tissue

24-long colored pencils

1-large container Clorox Wipes

1 box markers

1-bottle hand sanitizer

1-pkg paper towels

1-plastic pocket folder

1-plastic pocket folder with prongs

A-M last name snack size zipper bags

N-Z last name sandwich size zipper bags


Second Grade




48-yellow Ticonderoga pencils

(#2 lead)

4-large glue sticks

2-pink erasers

2-packet pencil top erasers

2-box crayons

1-pencil box (optional)

1-pair scissors

2-spiral notebooks

3-boxes of tissue

5-solid color pocket folders

1-pkg notebook paper

1-box colored pencils 24 ct

2-3 pkg. of 4 black dry erase markers

2-container Clorox wipes

1-2 bottle of hand sanitizer

1-boxes sandwich baggies

1-box gal, sized baggies

1-pkg highlighters

1-pkg small index cards


No Personal Pencil Sharpeners


Third Grade


1-pack of pencil top erasers

2-boxes of  tissue

1-box colored pencils (12count)

1-box markers (12count)

1-pair metal tipped pointed scissors

3-pkg. wide rule filler paper

72- #2 pencils

3-wide rule spiral notebooks

2-red grading pens

1-zipper pencil pouch-(optional)

1-disinfectant wipes

1- pump bottle hand sanitizer

1- water bottle (labeled)

2-high lighters

1-package black dry erase markers

2-large glue sticks

3-3 prong folders

3-pocket folders

2-large pink erasers





Fourth Grade





3-pkg. wide-lined notebook paper

72-Ticonderoga #2 pencils

2-pair pointed Fiskars scissors

4-box of tissue, 4 paper towels

6-red pens or one pkg.

2-pkg dry erase markers

2-large hand sanitizers

1-Clorox wipes

3- packages of glue sticks

8-1 subject wide ruled composition book(black &white marbleized)

6-pocket folders 2green,2blue,2yellow

2- boxes colored pencils

2 packages of ruled white 3x5 index cards

1 pack of 2 pink erasers (large not pencil toppers)

1-package gallon bags

1-package sandwich bags

1-8x5 plastic pencil box

Fifth Grade


2 boxes colored pencils (12 count)

2 pairs of metal tipped pointed scissors (children's size)

1 package WIDE ruled filler notebook paper

48 Ticonderoga #2 pencils

2 wide ruled spiral notebooks

4 wide ruled composition notebooks (preferably solid colors)

1 package of red, black OR blue pens (12 count)

5 pocket folders of different colors

1 disinfectant wipes

1 hand sanitizer

1 package chisel dry erase markers

2 packages of ruled white 3x5 index cards

2-1" Three ring binder

3 boxes of tissue

1 roll of paper towels

1 wooden ruler

1 pack of 2 pink erasers (large not pencil toppers)

1 pack of 6 glue sticks

1 pack of 5 color highlighters


Report An Absence:

Please call the Main Office at
291-6837 ext. 2
to inform us of an absence.

Today: 8/21/17

Early Release

There has been an increase in the number of early student checkouts at the end of the school day.  When students are checked out early they are missing an important time of the day where teachers are getting together materials to send home and giving instructions and other necessary communication to their students.   We need your help to make sure you wait to pick up your child until after school is over unless you have an appointment that requires early checkout.  We will not be releasing students for early checkout after 1:40.  This causes a disturbance and confusion in the classroom right at the time teachers are getting ready to dismiss.  If you have changes in your normal pickup process please send a note to the teacher that morning rather than calling the office right before pickup time.   We do understand there are emergencies and will work with you on those.  Also, we are reviewing records for students with chronic absences and scheduling conferences with the counselor and principal with those parents of students who have attendance issues.  Thanks for your cooperation. Mrs. Harper, Principal

District News

District Events




Student pick up and drop off is in the parking lot, north of the school.  Cars enter from the northernmost gate going the direction indicated (west) and either park in the lot (if you plan on getting out of the car and walking on campus to pick up your child) or line up in the drive through lane closest to the curb.  No one is allowed to get out of their cars when they are in the pull through lane.  A parent volunteer or staff member will direct traffic in the lot.  A staff duty will direct the pedestrians in the yellow striped area when to cross the street.  Pedestrians should not be crossing the street in front of the pull through lane or the line of cars exiting the parking lot.   It is important to listen to those on duty in the parking lot so that everyone stays safe.  I appreciate your cooperation with these very important procedures.