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Discipline Policy


Parents are encouraged to participate in the educational process. We need the support and cooperation of parents to effectively help each student reach his/her fullest potential. When students see that parents support their best efforts, they are given a real incentive to strive for excellence. We will keep parents informed of student’s responsibility and efforts through conferences, progress reports, phone calls and notes. Parents are asked to help teach their child specific skills such as remembering homework, learning to be independent, and managing anger.



Throughout the school year Matheson Park staff will emphasize expectations and encourage all students to “Stop and Think”, and Make Good Choices. Students will be taught social skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills as they learn how to make good choices. As a staff we recognize and will practice the following principles to support positive behavior and responsibility.

  • We will model and teach students the expectations for responsible behavior.
  • We will provide positive feedback as quickly and as often as possible, when they are meeting the expectations and making good choices.
  • We will respond with calm and consistent corrections when minor misbehavior occurs.
  • We will initiate the problem solving