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Playground Expectations


  • Everyone gets to play.
  • No balls around play yard equipment If you are having trouble, get help from a staff member.
  • Do not sit on top of or jump off equipment.
  • All sand, dirt, sticks, rocks, snow, ice, mud, etc.  must stay on the ground.
  • No talking to people outside of the fence.
  • WHEN THE BELL RINGS, RECESS IS OVER. Students must walk to their designated spot to line up without bouncing or throwing balls.


  • Leave all toys at home. This includes footballs, basketballs, soccer balls and all other sports balls.
  • Wallball may only be played on the west library wall.
  • Nothing will be retrieved from outside of the playground. This includes toys and balls. If it goes over the fence it stays over the fence until the designated adult can retrieve it.


  • Students are allowed to slide one at a time in the seated position, facing forward only.
  • Climb up ladder or stairs only, no climbing up the slide.


  • All swingers must face south.
  • Basic sitting position with both hands on supports Swing straight, forward and backward only.
  • Never jump off the swings.
  • No pushing others on the swing.
  • When all swings are being used, count 20 full swings and trade.


  • No contact or tagging games on bars Keep 2 hands on bars at all times If twirling, do not tie yourself to the bar with sweaters, jackets, etc.
  • Do not jump off bars (climb down).
  • No sitting on top of bars or round crawl-through on play structure.


  • Always climb up or down rock wall.
  • No jumping off or pushing others off.