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Evacuation Drills, Field Trips, Library, Messages from Home, and Nurse

Evacuation Drills

The Matheson Park safety team teaches school safety by utilizing a variety of drills, including regular fire drills, hold in place, and evacuation drills. The goal is for children to move from one part of the building to another in a safe and orderly manner while remaining calm, moving quickly, but quietly, and keeping order. It is the intention that students know a variety of safe strategies, and that adults have thought through the many contingencies.

Field Trips

Children must have written permission slips from parents to participate in field trips away from school. Please notify the school nurse of any medications or other medical requirements that may be necessary while on a field trip.


The Matheson Park Library serves all students and members of the staff with reference books, age appropriate books, magazines, DVDs, and other films, computer web access, and other teaching aids. Each class visits the library at least once a week for instruction in library skills, book talks, and many other activities that are literacy related.

Messages From Home

Please limit your phone messages to your children while they are in school to emergencies. Classroom interruptions are very disruptive to classroom activities.



Matheson Park is allocated a half time nurse, however we also have a nursing assistant who is on duty daily.

Please let our health room staff know of any problems that may affect your child’s learning. Vision and hearing screenings are routinely performed at the school for selected grade levels, on an as needed basis.

Parents will be notified of any need for further attention in these areas. The State Health Department sets guidelines that the school must follow for the control of communicable diseases. Current record of required immunizations must be on file to be able to attend  school. Please be sure that vaccination records are up to date and on file in the nurse’s office.

If your child is sick or was sick the night before and is not completely recovered, he or she should not be sent to school. If children do not feel well they cannot perform well and learn at their greatest potential. The risk of infecting others at school is also a great concern to all of us.

APS has a medication policy to help control the use of medicines at school. Please do not send any medicines to school without an authorization form signed by the child’s physician and parent. A note from the parent must accompany any over the counter medications. No child will be given any kind of medication at school without following APS procedures.