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Student Belongings, Traffic Procedures and Transfers and Withdrawal Policy

Student Belongings

Please be sure to write your child’s name on his/her sweaters, jackets, coats, backpacks, purses, school supplies, etc. Take time to find out what books he/she has brought home and see that they are kept in a safe place. If an article is lost please report it to your child’s teacher or to the Main Office. Every effort will be made to find it. Also, please do not allow your child to bring extra money, toys, electronic equipment or other valuable items to school.

Traffic Procedures

The Matheson Park Traffic Plan is designed to provide a safe environment for students as they arrive at school and exit campus at the end of the school day. The speed limit on Lexington St. is 15mph when the crossing guards are present and 25mph during the remainder of the day. Speed limits within the Matheson Park Elementary parking lot is 5mph. We encourage parents to park in the North lot. Parent parking is in the main lot on the north side of the school. The only buses allowed into the main parking area in the front of the school, will be those for daycare vans. Traffic is not permitted in the bus loading area on the East side of the school. Parking is not permitted in the Fire Lane, indicated by the red curbs. Handicapped parking spaces are available in both the North and South parking areas. Please respect these restricted parking zones for the safety of everyone. Staff Duty personnel will be on duty before and after school to help ensure the safety of our students.


Transfers and Withdrawal Policy

Transfers into Matheson Park or to another APS school must be done through application at the APS Transfer Office.

Please call 855-9050 or consult the
APS regarding transfer procedures

Students living within the Matheson Park service area receive first consideration for attendance at the school. Transfers will be authorized by the transfer office on a space available basis. Parents of students withdrawing from Matheson Park should notify the Main Office two weeks prior to the student’s last day so that we can make copies of records and ensure that any unpaid fines or fees are resolved. Students who are moving to a school outside of APS may have a sealed, confidential school record to take with them to the new school. The new school may also make a request for records to be sent by faxing a request for records on their official letterhead.