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Updated as of July 16th, 2020

Contact Rocquel Bogue  Rocquel Bogue Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Monica Hawes  Monica Hawes Kindergarten EA
Contact Julie Lovato  Julie Lovato Kindergarten EA
Contact Elise Mcadams  Elise Mcadams Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Rene Armour  Rene Armour 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Victoria Gillespie  Victoria Gillespie 1st Grade Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Lori Burke  Lori Burke 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Kimberly Dodge  Kimberly Dodge 2nd Grade Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Elizabeth Haid  Elizabeth Haid 3rd Grade Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Sheri Geherty  Sheri Geherty 4th/5th Grade Teacher
Contact Andrew Meyer  Andrew Meyer 4th Grade Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Sheri Geherty  Sheri Geherty 4th/5th Grade Teacher
Special Education
Contact Patricia Gonzales  Patricia Gonzales Special Education EA
Contact Jennifer Malaney  Jennifer Malaney Special Education Teacher
Contact Angelita Mccarter  Angelita Mccarter Special Education Teacher
Contact Paul Nelson  Paul Nelson Special Education Teacher
Contact Robyn Vossen  Robyn Vossen Special Education EA
Physical Education (PE)
Contact Lawrence Soto  Lawrence Soto Coach
Speech and Language
Contact Jacqueline Lovato  Jacqueline Lovato Principal
Office Staff
Contact Corinne Encinias  Corinne Encinias ex: 36300 Clerk
Contact Lauren Hendrix  Lauren Hendrix ex: 36302 Secretary
Contact Jennifer Leclair  Jennifer Leclair Nurse
Contact Jennifer Lynch  Jennifer Lynch Health Office EA
Support Staff
Contact Patricia Gonzales  Patricia Gonzales (505) 291-6837 ex: 36310 Social Worker
Contact Melissa Garrett  Melissa Garrett Gifted Teacher
Contact Kira Mckay  Kira Mckay Redirector/EA
Contact Valentino Garcia  Valentino Garcia Staff
Contact Abenicio Sisneros  Abenicio Sisneros Custodian